The company was founded in 2009, bringing about the partners’ desire to set up a firm specialising in the production of luminaires for false ceilings in the “Sterile and Clean Room” sector.


With the technical expertise of the partners and twenty years of experience acquired working in the recessed lighting field behind it, the company offers its customers mass production of a vast rage of fixtures for all types of false ceilings in aluminium, gypsum and plasterboard, mineral fibre and slats.


The company also produces lighting systems with a high “IP” rating and fire resistance class REI120’, known as “RAF”, in addition to energy-saving devices, new production of explosion-proof reinforcements for ATEX-classified zones 1-21-2-22


The pre-sales consultancy service offered by the Technical Department consists of an assessment of the premises and type of product, including an accurate, in-depth lighting system analysis. It also provides comprehensive estimates and assists customers in their choice.

The ISO 9001 Quality System Certification, the selection of quality materials, the use of CE marked components, as well as the ad hoc realization of the equipment are the best guarantees that can be offered to its customers and for the company Inexport Light they are a reality.
The constant stimuli that distinguish and direct corporate choices in the creation of new products are first and foremost customer satisfaction, product quality, competitiveness and the desire to constantly improve and improve production.
The head office located in San Giuliano Milanese (MILAN) has goods ready for delivery and is able to satisfy any request for standard equipment in the catalog for swift deliveries that can also be ordered online.

If in a supplier you are looking for professionalism, reliability and availability, and also for your company, dialogue and exchange are the bases for the most appropriate solutions, the Inexport Light represents an ideal partner because these are the requirements that have allowed the Company to extend its market beyond national borders, both in Europe and in the rest of the world.

Benefits for the environment

Over the years, even in the lighting sector, the need to make production choices that were less impacting on the environment and take into account the ecological implications of the entire life cycle of products placed on the market has become increasingly evident.
As National Producers who are members of the Ecolight Consortium, in addition to supporting the costs of managing the WEEE system, we have repeatedly asked ourselves how we can contribute effectively.
Through a feasibility study that allowed us to identify raw materials with high recyclability, we directed our choice towards the use of aluminum, steel and glass or materials that could optimize luminous fluxes and yields with the aim of obtaining energy savings.
The raw materials identified guarantee excellent yield in use, good durability in use and total recoverability through recycling upon disposal.
For the same reasons mentioned above, most of our devices now include the use of new-generation light sources (LEDs), high-efficiency fluorescent lamps and electronic ballasts that, not only last longer, but have very long life cycles longer with less impact on the environment.